Tune Up Your Hearing Aids for the Holidays!

Hearing Consultants BlogThe holidays are upon us once again, and if your hearing aids are in need of a tune-up, you might really start to realize it! Office parties, dinner parties, family gatherings, shopping, and more all really test what our hearing aids can do.

While hearing aids today are robust, well-made instruments, they nevertheless spend most of their lives in and around the relatively inhospitable environments of our ears. Over time, earwax, debris, and moisture will inevitably collect in the hard-to-reach parts of our hearing aids. This build-up of foreign material will not only make our hearing aids function less efficiently (i.e. sound bad)—it will also shorten their lifespan.

Bring your hearing aids in and we’ll tune them up before your holiday festivities, so you can make sure you’re getting the best out of them during some of the most precious times we have to connect with family and loved ones.

What Does a Tune-Up Entail?

  • Professional Cleaning – We’ll use a specialized vacuum to get earwax and moisture out of the hardest-to-reach places in your hearing aids. We’ll replace wax filters, tubes, and/or silicone earpieces if they’re worn out. We will dehumidify them to remove all moisture and disinfect them with ultraviolet light. Your hearing aids will be like new again!
  • Performance Analysis and/or Repair – After cleaning, we’ll check to make sure your hearing aids are functioning as they should. If we discover any damage, we will repair it on-site if possible. Sometimes a more serious repair may require your hearing aids to be returned to the manufacturer, but we will consult with you before doing that.
  • Programming Adjustment – Part of a hearing aid tune-up involves making sure that your ears still require the same programming that your hearing aids are providing. We’ll administer a hearing test, and adjust your hearing aids’ programming to meet your new hearing needs if necessary.

The effects of earwax, debris, and moisture accrue slowly over time, so we usually don’t notice them. We may think our hearing aids are working perfectly, only to be surprised how great they sound after a tune-up! Make sure to get the most out of your holiday season by scheduling a tune-up and hearing test!

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