Great Things to Hear This Valentine’s Day in Cincinnati

Hearing Consultants BlogDo you have plans for Valentine’s Day? This is the time of year to tell your loved one how you feel, and make sure they feel appreciated and loved. If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day date, we have some suggestions for a few romantic evenings in Cincinnati you’re sure to enjoy.

Carmina Burana

One of the most romantic evenings this February is brought to you by the Cincinnati Ballet Company Dancers in partnership with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. This is one performance you won’t want to miss, and you’ll be blown away by the breathtaking choreography by the world-famous choreographer Nicolo Fonte. Featuring the Symphony Orchestra and voices from the May Festival Chorus, two romantic and evocative pieces are brought to life. You’ll hear Balanchine’s beautiful Serenade, and Tchaikovsky’s gorgeous Serenade for Strings. With performances from February 8 to 11, you’ll be glad you caught this performance at the Springer Auditorium, and you might even spend the rest of the year talking about this magical performance.

The Stars in Your Eyes

What’s more romantic than a night under the stars? Take the love of your life (and your kids too) to the Wolff Planetarium at Trailside Nature Center on February 16 for an evening of love stories found in the stars. You’ll hear stories from all the seasons and learn more about the stars that are a symbol of romance and love.

Dancing with the Stars: Live! – Light Up the Night

If you love the show dancing with the stars, then book your ticket right away for this great night of music and dance that will have you dancing around your kitchen for the rest of the week. Brought to you at the Taft Theatre, this show follows the 25th season of Dancing With The Stars and is on the road around the country this winter. You’ll be treated to some of the best dancers in the country as they perform ballroom pieces, sexy salsas, romantic waltzes, and powerful group numbers. Choreography by the talented Mandy Moore will be everything you were hoping for and more. Does your loved one share your love of the show? If not, now is the perfect time to get them on board with a performance they won’t forget any time soon.

Ravel’s La Valse

You have two chances to hear some amazing music with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Join them on February 16 and 17 and hear the music come to life under the direction of Louis Langree. Pianist Jeffrey Kahane joins the orchestra to bring you a moving performance of some of classical music’s most romantic works. You’ll be treated to a masterful performance of Prokofiev’s Symphony No. 1 and Stravinsky’s Divertimento from The Fairy’s Kiss. Ravel’s La Valse is a whirling waltz that will leave you dizzy and delighted, and more in love with music than ever before.

Flint Eastwood

On February 13 head down to the Taft Ballroom for something a little different. Joined by Nydge and Effee, watch as Jax Anderson, who performs under the name Flint Eastwood, as she weaves her musical magic. Born and raised in Detroit, Eastwood is back in Cincinnati after being a crowd favorite at the Midpoint Music Festival back in September. She’s a powerful songstress who’s not afraid to push boundaries and tell it how it is. At least that’s what you’ll hear if you listen to Queen, her lead single from her 2017 EP. Her songs speak about being a woman, and deal with self-worth and bravely forging your own path. Join this indie-pop artist as she shares her heart with you this Valentine’s.

Flint Eastwood will also be joined by Effee, the solo project of Frances Litterski, as well as Nydge, another Detroit artist who’s popular single Won’t You Call Me has reached listeners across the country.

Can You Hear the Music?

With all these great Valentine’s events, you may be asking yourself if you can hear well enough to enjoy it. If the answer is no, then it’s time to plan a visit to Hearing Consultants for a hearing assessment and get fitted for a pair of hearing aids that will have you back to hearing and enjoying music like you used to. This year don’t just buy your loved one flowers but enjoy a great date night and hear all the sounds you’ve been missing.

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