My first day with my new Bluetooth hearing aids was amazing. My previous aids from discount house were nowhere near as good as my new ones. Great Service and good value for price.


I just wanted to say you did a great job guiding me through this entire process and I enjoyed meeting with you each time. You are not only very knowledgeable regarding hearing and hearing aids but also professional and courteous at all times. I will highly recommend your service to anyone seeking an audiologist.


After wearing Widex UNIQUE 440 for 4 days (remember, I was a VERY HAPPY Widex DREAM 400 user), the Unique 440 has made my listening and communication life better. All the benefits of the DREAM are there in UNIQUE, but now they are even better!


Thanks so much for your time on Tuesday. Putting hearing devices on the client was most helpful. I suspect he will move much more quickly towards purchase. I am trying the “kind & gentle” prompts when I am helping him hear what is going on around him.


Like many people, I put off getting hearing aids for all of the usual reasons. I was confused as to which technology was best for me and didn’t want to make a big investment only to be disappointed in the result. Then I visited Hearing Consultants.