February 26, 2024

Hearing Aids Keep You Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy

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If you’ve been considering getting your first pair of hearing aids, it’s time to turn that thought into a reality and take charge of your hearing health. A recent study found that hearing aids keep you happy, healthy, and wealthy, and hearing devices will increase your quality of life more than you could ever imagine. Living with untreated hearing loss, on the other hand, is associated with a lot of negative physical, social, and mental outcomes that you need to take immediate steps to avoid.

Hearing Aids Keep You Happy

Think about the last time you had a conversation with a loved one. Were you able to easily understand everything that they said, or did you struggle to follow the conversation? Did you ask them to repeat themselves, or just smile and nod along, and hope they wouldn’t notice that you weren’t able to understand them? Living with untreated hearing loss leads to a breakdown in your closest friendships and relationships, and has a huge impact on your social life. You may choose to stay home rather than join friends for dinner in a noisy restaurant where the background noise makes it difficult to hear, and find yourself becoming more isolated and lonelier. Those with hearing loss face higher rates of stress, anxiety, social isolation, and depression.

When you get hearing aids, you’ll reduce your listening fatigue, and you will be able to hear clearly without straining to understand what’s been said. You’ll enjoy the relationships in your life, make new connections, and remain actively involved in your community. Hearing aids improve relationships and increase your quality of life.

Hearing Aids Keep You Healthy

Hearing aids also play a role in your overall health and wellbeing. Hearing aid wearers report being less physically and mentally exhausted, and have energy for the things they love, even after a long day of work. When you use hearing aids, you won’t use all your energy struggling to hear, and can enjoy spending time out with friends, attending a concert, or pursuing a hobby you haven’t had time for recently. With hearing aids you’ll be more active, and spend more time outside. Those with hearing aids sleep better, get out of the house more, and have better mental health. They also have healthier brains, better memory, and good cognitive function, and can easily focus on tasks and accomplish goals. You’ll also reduce your risk of chronic conditions like insomnia, fatigue, and even dementia. Hearing aids also save you quite a few trips to the hospital. Studies have found that those with untreated hearing loss spend thousands of dollars more in health care costs, experience more trips, slips, falls, and accidents, and visit their physicians far more often than those with clear hearing.

Hearing Aids Keep You Wealthy

Did you know that those who treat their hearing loss with hearing aids earn significantly higher salaries than those who don’t seek treatment for their hearing loss? Not only that, but more severe levels of hearing loss are associated with even lower salaries. This is because those with hearing loss struggle to communicate effectively at work, and have a hard time understanding in meetings or contributing to discussions. They’re more likely to feel confused, struggle to focus on tasks, and make more mistakes. Those with hearing loss are less likely to be promoted to a new position, and could even be fired. In fact, the rates of unemployment among those with untreated hearing loss are 83% higher than for those with normal hearing. Early retirement is also more common among those with hearing loss, and all these things together account for the lower average income among those with hearing loss. Hearing aids keep you wealthy by allowing you to communicate easily with everyone, contribute expertise in your place of work, and maintain high quality standards. You’ll be able to work a few more years at the job you enjoy, and be valued for your accomplishments.

Hearing Consultants

Are you ready to make the right decision for your brain, body, and bank account? Visit us today at Hearing Consultants and learn just how hearing aids can keep you happy, healthy, and wealthy. We have a wide selection of some of the world’s top hearing aids, and we’re excited to help you find the perfect device that will help you hear in every listening environment.

Dr. Teague earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Hearing, Speech and Language from Ohio University and his Doctoral Degree in Audiology from The University of Louisville. He is an active member of the American Academy of Audiology and the Ohio Board of Audiology.

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