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Experiencing an untreated hearing loss can be mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. It forces individuals to rely heavily on contextual cues, body language, and unconscious lip reading to compensate, which can be a significant cognitive burden. This mental stress can even interfere with physical tasks such as walking safely. As hearing loss typically affects an individual's ability to discern high-pitched sounds, it can severely impair speech understanding. This can lead to social isolation and depression, which are linked to elevated stress hormones, weakened immune systems, and increased risk of dementia and early death.

The Crucial Role of Audiology

Audiology, the study of hearing and balance disorders, is pivotal in early detection of cognitive decline. Research indicates that hearing aids and other hearing loss rehabilitation services can potentially slow down the rapid progression of cognitive decline. Moreover, they are associated with delayed diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, depression, anxiety, and injurious falls among older adults.

Hearing Loss: A Major Dementia Risk Factor

Emerging research is consistently highlighting the relationship between hearing loss and dementia. Dementia, a progressive mental illness that leads to severe cognitive decline, has no outright cure. Therefore, a significant aspect of dementia research is the identification of risk factors.

A recent study published in the Lancet identifies hearing loss as a major modifiable risk factor for dementia. Therefore, hearing and cognitive tests serve as the first line of defense against dementia. The slow progression of hearing loss exerts a significant mental and cognitive strain on an individual's brain, impacting memory, speech, and language skills.

Modifying Behavior to Protect Hearing

While genetic risk factors for dementia cannot be altered, behavior concerning hearing protection can be modified. This behavior modification can significantly reduce the chances of developing dementia. Therapies and interventions focused on treating hearing loss, including hearing protection and hearing aids, can positively impact risks associated with dementia development. Regular use of hearing aids can even slow the rate of cognitive decline.

Cognivue: The New Diagnostic Tool

In the quest to screen for early signs of cognitive decline, a new tool, Cognivue, has been developed. This diagnostic tool is designed to provide patients with cognition information for their healthcare provider. It is a quick test that screens memory performance, executive function, reaction time, and processing time.

Why Choose Cognivue?

Cognivue is not the definitive tool for determining dementia risk. Instead, it serves as an early warning system, highlighting potential red flags as early as possible. It provides health professionals with a tool to accurately measure cognition and, in some cases, detect early signs of dementia.

Cognitive Tests as an Early Warning System

The Cognivue diagnostic will provide a cognitive health result independent of your hearing score. Health professionals can use both your hearing results and your Cognivue results to paint a more accurate picture of your current cognitive health.

Managing Cognitive Risks with Cognivue

Based on your scores, Cognivue will provide advice concerning lifestyle changes aimed at improving your overall cognition. The screening will also provide a report and dataset that you can bring to your healthcare provider to better discuss next steps for managing your cognitive risks.

Hearing Consultants: Your Partner in Cognitive Health

At Hearing Consultants, our audiology experts are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to detect and manage hearing loss and cognitive decline. We understand that hearing loss can lead to social isolation, depression, dementia, and other health risks. That's why we are dedicated to providing comprehensive hearing health services, including cutting-edge diagnostic tools like Cognivue.


The link between untreated hearing loss and cognitive decline is clear. Therefore, it is crucial to seek early detection and intervention to mitigate the risks. With the use of diagnostic tools like Cognivue and the expertise of audiology practices like Hearing Consultants, you can take proactive steps towards maintaining your cognitive health.

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