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The Power of Neuro Processor and Deep Neural Network (DNN)

Starkey Genesis AI stands out from the crowd with its potent Neuro Processor and Deep Neural Network (DNN), both of which are instrumental in providing an unparalleled sound experience.

The Neuro Processor is designed to imitate the human brain's auditory system. It uses transistors to swiftly process sound signals in real time, much like how the neural fibers in our brains function.

Starkey claims that Genesis AI's Neuro Processor has six times more transistors and is four times faster than previous models. This impressive speed allows the device to deliver a more natural sound experience, enhancing signal clarity and speech understanding.

The Convenience of Rechargeable Options

Genesis AI offers rechargeable options that save users the trouble of constantly replacing batteries or dealing with cords. This state-of-the-art hearing aid delivers up to 24 hours of use on a single charge, adding an extra layer of convenience.

A Fresh Take on Design

Genesis AI not only impresses with its internal features but also turns heads with its sleek and modern design. It boasts an array of styles and colors, coupled with Starkey's new Pro8 Hydrashield moisture protection, ensuring the device's durability.

Total Control with the MyStarkey App

The MyStarkey App empowers Genesis AI users with full control over their hearing aids. This app offers a plethora of features, from managing settings and adjusting sound levels to providing health tracking tools and helpful tips.

The Home landing page of the MyStarkey App allows users to adjust settings and change programs. Users can create custom presets by manually tuning noise reduction features and a 3-band equalizer.

By selecting the microphone icon on the app, users can activate Starkey’s Smart Assistant. This allows users to adjust settings, set reminders, and access other features using their voice alone.

The Health tab of the MyStarkey App provides a range of metrics for users to monitor their physical activity. This includes steps, standing time, exercise, and other daily goals. The app also features Fall Alerts, which can automatically send a text message to selected contacts with the user's location in case of a fall.

Closer Look at Genesis AI's Capabilities

Genesis AI offers several benefits over similar traditional hearing aids, such as health tracking, translation features, and a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Genesis AI sets the bar high when it comes to battery life. With up to 51 hours of use per charge, this hearing aid is a game-changer in the industry.

My Starkey App: A New Level of Control

The My Starkey App gives users the ability to adjust settings, track lost devices, manage their personalized health monitoring, and much more. This app extends the capabilities of Genesis AI and enhances the user experience.

Prescription Fit

Genesis AI is a prescription-fit hearing aid. While this may require a visit to a clinic for hearing testing and fitting, it also ensures a personalized solution tailored to the user's unique hearing needs.

Who is Starkey Genesis AI for?

Genesis AI is an ideal choice for individuals who want to maximize their hearing potential with high-tech, traditional hearing aids. They are highly advanced, compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and must be fitted by a hearing care professional.

The Final Verdict

Starkey Genesis AI is a top-tier hearing aid that offers numerous advantages over similar devices. If you're looking for a high-tech, comfortable solution for better hearing, then Genesis AI might just be the answer.

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