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Widex has always been recognized as a trailblazer in the world of hearing aid technology. Founded over six decades ago by engineer Christian Tøpholm and business entrepreneur Eric Westermann, Widex has continuously pushed the boundaries of what's possible in hearing aid design and function. The merger of Widex and Sivantos in 2019 resulted in the formation of WS Audiology (WSA), propelling the company to become the third-largest hearing aid company globally.

Widex stands out for its commitment to sustainable practices, with its corporate headquarters in Lynge, Denmark, featuring a windmill and geothermal system for power generation. The company has also pledged its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the UN’s Ten Principles of respecting human rights, labor rights, environmental preservation, and ethical business conduct.

Discover Widex Moment Hearing Aids

Released in 2020, Widex Moment represents the epitome of Widex's commitment to delivering exceptional sound quality. These hearing aids are well-suited for a broad range of hearing needs, from mild to severe/profound losses, offering a variety of styles and functionalities to suit different user preferences.

Key Features of Widex Moment

Widex Moment stands out for its superior sound quality, making it a preferred choice among music enthusiasts. Other standout features include:

  • An impressive battery life of up to 29 hours in rechargeable models
  • A compact, durable, and comfortable design
  • The introduction of a new hearing aid shape with SmartRIC
  • Advanced AI and machine learning apps for extensive sound customization

The PureSound Experience with ZeroDelay Technology

Widex aims to deliver the most authentic, least distorted sound experience with the introduction of the new ZeroDelay™ and PureSound™ technologies. The company's internal study indicates that 95% of wearers describe the hearing aid’s sound as “natural” and “clear,” including the sound of their own voice when compared with their existing hearing aids from various brands.

MOMENT SmartRIC: A New Design for Better Hearing in Noise

In 2024, Widex introduced MOMENT SmartRIC, a hearing aid featuring a unique L-shaped design. This innovative design enhances the signal-to-noise ratio, particularly in challenging listening environments, providing wearers with an improved hearing experience.


MOMENT SHEER is a rechargeable hearing aid that introduced a new modern shell design and several other improvements. With an upgraded charger providing up to 29 hours of battery life, a wider fitting range, and more flexible options for clinicians, the SHEER model represents a significant advancement in hearing aid technology.

Charging Station Options

Widex offers a variety of charging options for MOMENT hearing aids. Each model comes with a standard charger, with some models offering a premium Charge n Clean station. The SmartRIC model features a portable case which carries extra charges for on-the-go use.

MySound 2.0: AI for Exceptional Sound Personalization

Widex Moment hearing aids come equipped with MySound 2.0, the company’s next-generation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This feature allows users to customize the sound settings of the hearing aid for various listening situations, ultimately improving their listening comfort and overall hearing aid experience.

Widex SmartRIC

Widex SmartRIC revolutionizes the hearing aid experience with its discreet design and advanced tech, ensuring natural sound and comfort. Boasting up to 37 hours of battery life and a portable charger for over a week's power, it minimizes distractions like wind noise. Compatible with apps like Moment and SoundSense Learn, it offers personalized control and seamless integration into lifestyles, showcasing Widex's innovation and commitment to enhancing the quality of life for those with hearing loss.

Get Widex Hearing Aids in Cincinnati

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